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Mission Statement

They say “the eyes are the windows to the soul”

At LuminOptix Optometry we are passionate about how the eyes allow us to view the health of the entire body. Our goal is to provide exceptional, personalized, stylish and comprehensive healthcare with a focus on eye care. This passion and commitment to excellence will benefit our patients and our community.

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Phone: 619-425-9001

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Insurance Accepted

Vision Plans

  • VSP

  • EyeMed

  • Spectera

  • MES Vision

Medical Plans

  • Medicare

  • Tricare

Commonly Asked Questions:

  1. What is vision Insurance?

    • Vision insurance can be considered a glasses and contact lens saving plan. Many plans do not cover medical eye care while some offer limited coverage for medical eye services. As each plan varies, it is important to check your plan's coverage.

  2. Can my medical insurance be used if I have a medical eye condition?

    • Yes, medical insurance covers the vast majority of tests necessary to monitor medical eye conditions that may be detected during your eye exam. Many medical insurance may also offer a certain % off glasses and contacts.

  3. Can I use both my vision and medical insurance plans at the same visit?

    • Yes, there are typically two parts to a visit. (1) Physician Services and (2) Optical Services. You can choose how you would like to utilize your vision and medical insurance plan as you like. Typically if one has a medical condition, it is best to use medical insurance for physician services.

  4. Why am I recommended to have a yearly eye exam when I can see well either with no glasses or with my current glasses/contacts?

    • Many eye conditions have no pain or symptoms even though you can see well. One reason for annual eye exams is to evaluate eye health & detect eye conditions in order to keep you seeing well in the future. For the most clear and comfortable vision, these individualized eye exams allow us to offer you the newest, clearest, and most advanced technology for optical correction.

  5. What is dilation and why is it recommended?

    • Dilation are eye drops that make the pupil (black part of the eye) larger to allow the doctor to see more of the eye health. Dilation is considered standard of care. Without dilation, your doctor may not be able to detect eye conditions that can lead to worsening health. Side effects of dilation can vary due to the strength of the drops used. Typical dilation side effects are light sensitivity and decreased near vision for 4-6 hours after instillation. Most patients can drive after dilation although individual effects may vary. If you have questions or concerns regarding dilation, you are welcome to discuss these with your doctor during your exam.

  6. Why am I asked to provide a complete medical history when all I need are glasses and/or contacts?

    • The ability to see clearly (with or without glasses/contacts) depends on the health of the eye and the body. It is vital to have a full, complete and accurate medical history in order for you to have a thorough and customized exam specific to your individual needs. Even over the counter medications can have side effects. As you know, many drug commercials report blurry vision as a side effect. This can be for a variety of reasons. Doctors of Optometry are highly trained as primary eye care providers and to work with your other physicians to provide you with the best healthcare possible.

  7. Why do I need a glasses exam when I only want to buy contact lens?

    • All contact lens wearers should have a pair of glasses in case of infection as well as to give the eyes time to rest from contact lens wear. Contact lenses are evaluated for both a prescription, but also the shape, fit, comfort and breath-ability. These can fluctuate from year to year. Therefore yearly evaluation is key to be able to have healthy contact lens wear to continue wear for years and decades to come.